Wednesday, 11 September 2013

iPhone 5S touches you

 Apple iPhone comes with fingerprint detection known as Touch ID, It was inly a prediction since last four years now it has become a reality.
This gives a grater level of security for the user resources, but the users also come up with a confusion that "if some one imitates the finger print. That would be more easier than a brake through codes in the present day"

Thursday, 25 July 2013

"" app getting viral on Android market

Chatting and the use of social media sites is unavoidable now. The apps that increase the usability of such matters on Android is increasing tremendously. The latest app of Android “” is becoming a viral thing on Android users. It tags messaging, e-mail and social networking under one field. No more new window for social network and chating at the same time. What you want is all in one place.

 By downloading and installing it, you are upgrading the normal messaging ability of your smart phone. is very much aware of your privacy. Do not be confused on that. Every record is stored in your private cloud. You have the full control on that. As the name indicates in you can be Just You!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

What you can see more on Jelly Bean than Ice cream sandwich

Hi guys, as you all know that, Android Jelly bean has introduced on this July with remarkable features rather than ice cream sandwich. So here, you are going to see all about Android Jelly bean. The very first feature is that, the different approach of unlock screen, which is something like dots and capable to move according to our fingers, to any sides. You can also set unlock message, so there is a chance to get back your mobile even if it’s lost. Another great feature is Google voice search, which is little bit faster and easier, and it’s always great for lazy peoples like us! It’s something like speaking to phone. It hears you and gives the search results. Speech recognition even on offline mode makes it awesome.
Another feature is its amazing animation. You can feel it while comparing and using with other phones. Tapping the animations is faster and easier along with application performance. And great performance level can be seen on webpage side. Scrolling and zooming are unusually faster and easier. You cannot feel such performance on any comparable smart phones. I can guarantee that.
Another important feature is its expandable notifications. Notification features are added a lot compared to older versions. We can expand our notifications, so it’s easy to focus on particulate notification without even opening it. Just expand the world. There are many specks of changes you can find more than this. I need to say also one thing that, Google has also become better on Jelly bean. You can feel while using. It’s more user friendly, which is something like Google next to you. There are also more features like new clock app, new play store, quick settings etc.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Finger Print Screen Lock for Your Android Smart Phone

Feel the real security lock to your phone, rather than old password locking protection for your Android Smartphone. You will definitely love Fingerprint lock. It will be the best other than face unlocking. Face unlocking may not be gauzy like Finger Print lock, in my opinion.
Show them to your friends and stop exploring your smart phone by them without your knowledge.
Note: It is not a real biometric security application
Fingerprint lock does not waste your time for getting accessed. After keeping your finger on screen it would take only 3 seconds to scan your finger by default. You can also increase the time of scanning according to your wish.
Anyway it’s better than pattern lock. Drawing patterns does not give a professional feeling( in my opinion). Scanning our finger like X-ray wonders friends into a great extend. I think its one of the trendy apps of Android.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Google Lat Long: Take flight through new 3D cities on Google Earth ...

Google Lat Long: Take flight through new 3D cities on Google Earth ...: Explorers of the world, rejoice! There is now a new way to explore the world, right from the palm of your hand. Gone are the days when the o...

What about Google on your simple Handset without Internet connection?

One day, I and my family had a visit to Chennai for some educational purpose. After completing all our stuffs, still we had one day left before return, because we already reserved the railway seats for way back to home town. We decided to spend few hours by watching latest movies released. But the problem was, on that huge metro city we don’t know where the theatre is and which are the films playing recently?
But, I solved that problem and we watched a movie from one of the 1st class theatre.
On another occasion and another location I and my friends met the same situation as above and we decided to visit some of tourist attracting places on the city. But the problem was same like before. Don’t know where the attractions are and don’t know where to go.
But, I solved this problem too!

The above two incidents was a real life incidents happened to me and am eager to express that how I solve these problems. Guys who are holding smart phones may consider this as silly because they can connect to internet and solve these problems quickly along with the driving directions as possible. But what will the simple handset users do? I mean users like of Nokia 1100 (Am still using that phone:P)

The simplest solution is that, acquire Google search engine to your simple handset without any internet connection or GPRS, through which I solve the above problems. I just text to Google, “movies Chennai” and as soon as possible I received the movies and the specified theatres as results. Also on the case of attracting places Google helps me through SMS.

Google provides information via SMS for users starving with internet connection or any GPRS. You can search sports score, railway info, business around you, stock quotes, horoscope, word meaning, driving directions and a lot more than you think.

To achieve this, SMS your query to 9773300000, and you will get your search results easy. Just save the number on your contacts and explore.

Be smart WITHOUT a smart phone!

I’m feeling lucky!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Google Android developers announced YouTube Android Player API

Google announced the most popular video social network site YouTube on Android as YouTube Android player API.

Why another YouTube player on Android? Almost this question comes to mind first. I too think the same. Google Android developers give a proper answer for it, which is listed below. Many Android users have the same problem, which results the launch of ‘The YouTube on Android player API’.

  • Flash not available on all devices
  • Not a true mobile experience
  • Browser plugin: No player API access
  • Same Web-embedding HTML as desktop
  • Overall, No good mobile experience for users.
So API is a native library specifically designed for Android devices. Rather than mobile, it works well on Tablet, iPad, GoogleTV etc. This social app supports on all Android devices above Android 2.2(Froyo). And by using it, no need to worry about quality content of video because it selects automatically to full HD content with crystal clear.
Easy experience on full screen, hiding and a lot more options are available on this mobile YouTube. Download and experience smartly everything around you
Watch and learn!
Nothing to say other than Amazing! 
                             Download YouTube Android Player API